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News, 5/25/2015

Embassy of Finland participated actively to the events hold during the Bucharest Pride week


Embassy of Finland joined together with Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, French, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Poland, Spain, USA, Sweden and Ireland in supporting the Bucharest Pride Festival 2015.


On 17th of May the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia was celebrated. The Embassy of Finland marked the day by hoisting the rainbow flag. The colourful flag, symbolising the diversity of the LGBTI community, will be fluttering there for a whole week and reminding that sexual or gender identity is not an acceptable cause for discrimination.


On 18th of May, a Finnish film 'Beauty Sleep' was shown in J'ai Bistrot, together with other Nordic short films, in the event called Nordic Queer Film Night.

Finnish film "Beauty Sleep" is both a hysterically funny and heart-breaking tale of three drag queens and one homophobic politician. Highly acclaimed movie generated great reviews and it has been awarded in many festivals.

A Finnish Member of Parliament, Silvia Modig visited Bucharest during the Pride week, together with parliamentarians from Austria, Denmark and Sweden in order to discuss themes related to anti-discrimination with Romanian authorities.


A panel discussion about equal partnership rights was organized in Bucharest on Friday (thank you British and Dutch Embassies!). Members of the Parliament from Finland, Silvia Modig and Sweden, Hans Linde, and Romanian MEP Renate Weber participated in the panel. The discussion was moderated by Mircea Toma. One of the main conclusions was that equal marriage rights rather strengthen than weaken marriage as an institution. The panel was one of the events organized during the Bucharest Pride week. The panel discussion was followed by a reception in the Verona Garden.

Finnish and Swedish members of the Parliament participating the Pride March.

On Saturday, representatives from the Embassy of Finland together with the members from the Parliaments  were participating the Bucharest Pride March, which was the 10th Pride March organised in Bucharest.

Finland legalized registered partnership to same sex couples in 2002. In 2014 the Finnish parliament voted in favour of gender-neutral marriage. The new law will come into force in 2017.

LGBTI rights are one of Finland's priorities in its international human rights policy.

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Updated 5/25/2015

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